Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Tribute to our blogger priest, Fr. Daren

This blog adopts Fr. Daren for a week. All my prayers are mainly offered for him and his intentions. Please join me in praying and paying tribute to this wonderful priest...

Fr. Daren J. Zehnle

I was born on Easter Sunday, March 26, 1978, in Quincy, Illinois and I have one brother. I went to Mundelein Seminary and was ordained a priest on May 28, 2005. I have been the Parochial Vicar at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Effingham, Illinois since July 2005.

1. When did you first know God was calling you to become a priest?

I certainly knew during my sophomore year of high school. I can't say that there was one "moment" when I knew for sure; it was, rather, a gradual awareness of God's will for me.

2. Who was most influential in your pursuit of a priestly vocation?

My pastor, Fr. John Beveridge. He was an excellent example of service throughout grade school and high school.

3. Where will you spend Christmas this year?

I was going to spend it on the road back home to Quincy but ended up staying at my parish due to my frail health (I returned to Quincy the day after Christmas).

4. How often do you get to visit your family?

Sadly, only about three times a year, and only for a day at a time. The drive simply is too long and we have two Masses everyday in the parish.

5. What are some of your favorite pastimes?

I enjoy reading, writing, swimming, hiking and playing video games.

6. What is your favorite t.v. show?

That's a hard one so I list a few: Everybody Loves Raymon, As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, Scrubs

7. Who or what makes you laugh?

I love dry, witty sarcasm; there's nothing finer!

8. What keeps you grounded as a priest?

The celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

I am delighted to have met this young, passionate priest here on the island of Oahu. Esther introduced him to me and a group of homeschoolers at the state capitol when Bishop Larry Silva, some local priests, parishioners and school students from our Catholic churches gathered there to celebrate the life of Blessed Damien.

His answers to questions #3 and #4 touched me and encouraged me to continue supporting our priests. #8 sure gives me a smile! :-)

I thank you, Fr. Daren, for responding to my queries. Oh Fr. Daren, we have something in common: I, too, was born on Easter Sunday, but in the year 1962... so, ok, you are younger! And quite acceptable! :-)

Send your words of support and encouragement to Fr. Daren at

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!


Esther said...

Easter, this priest looks familiar :-)
What a nice tribute to Fr. Daren.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

With such fine young priest as Father Daren there is much to hope for in the future
God Bless,

Therese said...

This is a lovely tribute Easter. Fr. Daren will certainly be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to read about Father Daren. What a wonderful way to live your life for our Lord Jesus Christ-I have so much respect for priests. They are so intelligent and have so much education but yet instead of becoming a highpowered lawyer or businessman-these young men humble themselves and choose to do the work of God.Father Daren will be in my prayers and I will say a special Rosary for him. God Bless, Rose

Easter A. said...

Hi Esther,
I'm so glad I have you, dear friend, you who love and support our priests also. I will be attending the meeting on Wed next week with Serra Club and I will make sure to let them know your suggestions should you are unable to attend. :-)

Easter A. said...

A visit from you who are a dad of a priest is humbling. Thank you for your prayers and constant words of inspiration.

Easter A. said...

I thank you for your visit. I will let him know that you prayed for him and he will be delighted I'm sure. This tribute is so timely bec he needs prayers now. Though his cold is better, his athritis has been acting up. Thank you, Therese!

Easter A. said...
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Easter A. said...

I thank you for visiting and for your kind words. So true! Fr. Daren will feel so loved, I am so sure of that. Our priests need words of love and encouragement from the people they shepherd. Thank you for your prayers for him!

Therese said...

I sent an email to Fr. Daren. He responded almost straight away saying thank you for the prayers and that he would pray for our diocese.

Easter A. said...

How wonderful of you!!! God bless your beautiful heart!!!

Seminarian Matthew said...

PS: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Monsignor Mejak

Seminarian Matthew said...

Here is an article concerning the life of Monsignor Mejak:

Easter A. said...

Yes, thank you, Seminarian Matthew. How happy many of us are now that you are able to blog again.

Esther previously did a post on this, but I would love to do it also. I will soon send you an email. Happy New Year!!!

patjrsmom said...

Prayers for Father Daren from the Diocese of Rockford (right in his old stomping grounds!)

God Bless him!

Easter A. said...

I thought I had responded to this... I thank you for your message! If and when you see him, please extend my Aloha greetings to him. Thank you for your visit!