Friday, December 14, 2007

Encouraging Collection for our Seminarians

Diocese initiates second collection for seminarians

Bishop Larry Silva has adding a new second parish collection, the first one of the year, for the education of local seminarians.
The collection will take place Jan. 12-13 at all Masses in the diocese.

The diocese has three seminarians.

The bishop announced the appeal on Dec. 4 in an e-mail message to diocesan leaders.

According to Bishop Silva, the extra collection was “recommended” by the presbyteral council, his priest advisors.

The diocese generally has 12 extra or “second” collections a year, one a month. The new seminarian collection means two January appeals. The other is a national collection for the Church in Latin America and Black and Indian Missions.

The seminarian collection is being coordinated by the diocesan Office of Vocations under the direction of Father Peter Dumag.

The office is hosting an evening gathering of prayer and reflection for those interested in the priesthood and religious life, 4-8 p.m., Dec. 15, at Blessed Sacrament Church in Honolulu. For information, call the vocations office at 585-3343 or e-mail Father Dumag at manao

Source: Hawaii Catholic Herald
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Esther said...

Glad you posted this Easter! BTW, did you want to write a letter to the Bishop or did you want to work on it together? Maybe at the beginning of the new year. I will email you privately.

Easter A. said...

Hi Dear Esther,
I would love for us to work on it together. Two heads are better than one... (la la la... Sesame St. song which is so cute!:-) ). Maybe we can meet after Christmas and submit letter to Bishop 1st of January.

This is exciting. I will pray for discernment as to steps to take... For the meantime, I would like to contact Leander of Serra Club of Hawaii. This Tues I will be meeting with someone from the diocese. I will mention it and see if he can help.

More through email... love you!:-)

Easter A. said...

Opppsss. I meant sometime after Christmas day... :-)