Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Music: You are my God

This song, You are my God, has this wonderful quality of pulling its listener into the presence of God.

Certainly great for meditation, enjoy its simplicity. The melody is soft, and it touches the heart with a sense of joy.

You are my God

Sang by Tony Melendez
Priest is Fr. Stan Fortuna

You are my God and the rock on which i stand.
I have found my place in your arms of grace.
Oh, oh. you are my God.

Lord of heaven, king of all the universe,
Architect and poet of eternity,
Abba father, breath of life. creation s dawn,
Ever-living, one who knows and loves me.

First forgiver, ever present "God with us",
Lamb of love, who died triumphant over sin.
Risen savior, brilliant bright and morning star,
Shining in me. light of glory lives within.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A journey with a priest

On Father’s Day, Grateful for a Priest Who Changed my Life

He patiently walked me through scriptures related to suffering, and provided books that explored the issue from every possible angle.

Most of all, he assured me that God was not punishing me with this disease, because, he insisted, God is merciful. As he put it, “He is always gazing at you with love.”

I was unschooled in my faith, having never studied Catholicism formally, and I had many confused snippets that I’d carried along from childhood.

He never belittled me about my beliefs, but carefully explained what actual Church teachings were. We explored suffering, sin, the incarnation and the resurrection, and then went on to moral issues.

This priest was a father in the best sense of the word, gently pointing me toward the light. And as the years went on, I wept less and laughed more in his presence.

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