Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aloha, with Apology

Fr. Paulo officiating Mass for homeschoolers

Aloha, Everyone!

May your Advent be filled with joyful expectations of the coming of our Lord!

My apology to all. I have to temporarily close this blog for lack of time to update it, mostly due to a densely streamed schedule in school. I do love learning and sharing what I learn, but the sharing part must come at a later time. Should that time not come at all through this blog, I am certain God will bring it to completion somehow. My husband's call to the diaconate formation is most crucial to him, to me and our children. (No, I am not saying that he will definitely make it, but we are giving it our best. Please pray for him; his name is Joe.) I must acquiesce to the will of the One whose voice is stronger than mine. Perhaps, we will encounter each other again.

Update: My husband was ordained into the permanent diaconate on January 31 of this year 2015. We thank you for your prayers! He has been assigned to the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu, HI. Come visit the Cathedral Basilica if you are in the area! Mahalo!

The most visited post on this blog, which precipitated nearly 75,000 hits, is the one that has my poem for priests: Poem: A Tribute to Our Priests. You may copy it, all of it: Title, Name of author, and the full Content of the poem without rewording it or claiming is as your own, since it is how copyrights are protected and respected. I do thank you. 

This poem has been printed in numerous newsletters, church bulletins, and cards. It is recited at anniversary gatherings in celebration of a priest's birthday or ordination, which served as a gift for priests. It will be printed in my next book -- my gift for all priests.

I will be at Passionate about LIFE as often as time allows. You are welcome to visit the blog Spiritual Mom's Apostolate that I share with Esther Gefroh. My dearest friend Esther runs several blogs, the most popular one being A Catholic Mom in Hawai'i.

May God richly bless each one of us. May our journeys toward him be one of joyful experience and encounter of the God whose love is boundless, shapeless, and most inconceivably enormous. May we never turn away from strangers, but be a joyful light for them.

Aloha nui,
Easter Almuena