Monday, May 31, 2010

Bishop Clark Speaks on Vocation

It's good to see our seminarians back to our parishes in our diocese. I talked to one of them, a joyful time for me. He is one of the spiritual sons whom the Lord has chosen for me to pray for everyday.

So, yes, vocation comes to mind once again. Here's a video filled with inspiration. Bishop Matthew H. Clark of the Diocese of Rochester discusses the importance of discernment and shares with us his own experiences. Our thanks to Bishop Clark!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bearing Witness to Faith in Society

I was so pleased to have read this message of Pope Benedict XVI. For him to mention Fr. Damien de Vuester was an honor. Here were his words and the full text is below it...

Benedict XVI then turned to highlight "an event significant for today and the future: the canonisation of Fr. Damian de Veuster". In this context he mentioned the saint's "inner richness, his constant prayer, and his union with Christ Whom he recognised in his fellow men. Like Christ, he committed himself without reserve and, in this Year for Priests, it is a good idea to present his priestly and missionary example, especially to clergy and religious."


VATICAN CITY, 8 MAY 2010 ( VIS ) - The Holy Father today received prelates from the Episcopal Conference of Belgium, who have just completed their "ad limina" visit.

Referring to the bishop's individual reports on the situation in their dioceses, the Pope noted "the diminution in the number of baptised people who openly bear witness to their faith and their membership of the Church, the gradual increase in the average age of priests and religious, the lack of ordained and consecrated people who work in the fields of pastoral, educational and social care, and the scant numbers of candidates to the priesthood and consecrated life".

"Other sensitive issues include Christian formation, especially of the young, and questions concerning respect for life and for the institution of marriage and the family", he went on. "We may also mention the complex and often worrying situations concerning the economic crisis, unemployment, the social integration of immigrants, and the peaceful coexistence of the various linguistic and cultural communities of the nation".

Benedict XVI then turned to highlight "an event significant for today and the future: the canonisation of Fr. Damian de Veuster". In this context he mentioned the saint's "inner richness, his constant prayer, and his union with Christ Whom he recognised in his fellow men. Like Christ, he committed himself without reserve and, in this Year for Priests, it is a good idea to present his priestly and missionary example, especially to clergy and religious".

"The fall in the number of priests must not be considered as an inevitable process", said Pope Benedict. In this context he highlighted the urgent need "to give priestly ministry its right place and to recognise its irreplaceable nature. It follows, then, that we need a wide-ranging and serious pastoral care of vocations based on the exemplary sanctity of priests, attention to the seeds of vocation present in many young people, and assiduous and trusting prayer as Jesus recommended".

The Holy Father expressed his thanks to and encouraged priests, religious and missionaries, saying that only "Christ can calm all storms and give the strength and courage to lead a holy life in complete fidelity to one's ministry, consecration to God and Christian witness".

"It is important for priests to celebrate the liturgy with care, especially the Eucharist", the Pope explained. "The liturgical traditions of the Church must be respected in the celebrations, with the active participation of the faithful, each following his or her own role and uniting themselves to the Paschal mystery of Christ".

Benedict XVI went on to note how, in their reports, the bishops had also expressed concern over the formation of the laity. "We need to discern all the possibilities deriving from lay people's shared vocation to sanctity and apostolic work, respecting the essential distinction between priestly ministry and the 'common priesthood of the faithful'", he said.

"All members of the Catholic community, but particularly the lay faithful, are called to bear public witness to their faith and to be a leaven in society while showing respect for a healthy secularism of public institutions and for other religious confessions. Such witness", he concluded, "cannot limit itself to private meetings, but must have the nature of a public proposal, respectful but legitimate, of the values inspired by the evangelical message of Christ".



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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tribute to St. Damien of Moloka'i, Leper Priest

People lined up to view the relic of St. Damien of Moloka'i at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, before and after the special Mass held in his honor. All viewers could touch the reliquary. This took place on Monday, May 10, 2010, the first time Hawai'i celebrated the feast day of St. Damien. The 12n Mass at the Cathedral was officiated by Fr. Gordon Gomes, Associate Pastor.

Relic of St. Damien of Moloka'i
(right heel)

Photos by Easter A.

Here's an article sent to me by St. Margaret Charles:
AMERICA/UNITED STATES - Hawaii celebrates feast of St. Damien of Molokai for first time since canonization

Honolulu (Agenzia Fides) – Today, the state of Hawaii will be celebrating the feast of their first saint, St. Damien of Molokai, for the first time since his canonization in Rome on October 11, 2009. The state of Hawaii includes the island of Molokai, where the Belgian missionary spent the last sixteen years of his life serving the Lord and the leper colony on the island. The feast day of the “Apostle of the Lepers” is celebrated on May 10, as it marks the day the saint arrived on Molokai: May 10, 1873.

According to a note sent to Fides by Patrick Downes, editor of the “Hawaii Catholic Herald,” the newspaper for the Diocese of Honolulu, the first feast day of the saint will be “celebrated modestly.” In the morning, beginning at 10am, “ the outdoor bronze statue of Father Damien will be the site of the now familiar ceremony of songs, prayers and lei presentations,” organized by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts. It will begin with a welcome by Sacred Hearts Father Lane Akiona, a performance of Hawaii Ponoi performed by Maryknoll School students, and an invocation by vicar general Father Marc Alexander. The program will include a Scripture reading, a reflection by Sacred Hearts Father Herman Gomes, a hula by students from Sacred Hearts Academy, the draping of the statue with leis, the singing of “E Kamiano” and “Hawaii Aloha,” and a benediction by Sacred Hearts Father Christopher Keahi. In the evening, Bishop Larry Silva of Honolulu will celebrate the feast day Mass at 6 p.m. at the co-cathedral. The relic of St. Damien, now on display at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, will be brought to the Kapalama church for veneration that evening.

Saint Damien of Molokai, with his words and life, is an example for all missionaries and faithful. He once said: “Without the constant presence of our Divine Master upon the altar in my poor chapels, I never could have persevered casting my lot with the lepers of Molokai.” (AR) (Agenzia Fides 10/5/2010)

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Support Priests in Moments of Difficulty


VATICAN CITY, 5 MAY 2010 ( VIS ) - In today's general audience, which was celebrated in St. Peter's Square, the Pope focused his remarks on the priest's mission to sanctify humankind.

"Sanctifying a person means putting that person in contact with God", said the Pope, noting how "an essential part of a priest's grace is his gift, his task to establish such contact. This comes about through the announcement of the Word of God, ... and particularly intensely in the Sacraments".

"Over recent decades", he went on, "various schools of thought have tried to make the aspect of announcement prevail in the priest's mission and identity, separating it from sanctification. It has often been affirmed that there is a need to go beyond merely sacramental pastoral care".

"Ordained ministers", the Pope explained, "represent Christ, God's envoy, they ... continue His mission through the 'Word' and the 'Sacrament', which are the two main pillars of priestly service". In this context he identified the need "to reflect whether, in certain cases, having undervalued the faithful exercise of 'munus sanctificandi' has not perhaps led to a weakening of faith in the salvific effectiveness of the Sacraments and, in the final analysis, in the real action of Christ and His Spirit, through the Church, in the world".

"It is, therefore, important to promote appropriate catechesis in order to help the faithful understand the value of the Sacraments. But it is equally necessary, following the example of the saintly 'Cure of Ars', to be willing, generous and attentive in giving the faithful the treasures of grace that God has placed in our hands, treasures of which we are not masters but custodians and administrators. Especially in our own time - in which on the one hand, the faith seems to be weakening and, on the other, there is a profound need and widespread search for spirituality - it is necessary for each priest to remember that ... missionary announcement and worship are never separate, and that he must promote a healthy sacramental pastoral care in order to form the People of God and help them to fully experience the liturgy ... and the Sacraments as gratuitous gifts of God, free and effective aspects of His action of salvation".

The Pope went on to highlight how "each priest knows he is a tool necessary for God's salvific action, but nonetheless just a tool. This awareness must make him humble and generous in administering the Sacraments, respecting the canonical norms but also profoundly convinced that his mission is to ensure that mankind, united to Christ, can offer itself to God as a living and holy sacrifice acceptable to Him".

Addressing himself directly to priests the Holy Father encouraged them "to practice liturgy and worship with joy and love". He also renewed his call "to return to the confessional, as a place in which to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, but also as a place in which 'to dwell' more frequently, that the faithful may find mercy, counsel and comfort, feel themselves to be loved and understood by God, and experience the presence of Divine Mercy alongside the real presence in the Eucharist".

"I would also like to invite each priest to celebrate and to live the Eucharist intensely", said Benedict XVI. Priests "are called to be ministers of this great Mystery, in the Sacrament and in life".

Likewise, "it is indispensable to strive after the moral perfection which must dwell in each authentically priestly heart", because "there is an example of faith and a witness of sanctity that the People of God expect from their pastors".

Pope Benedict concluded by calling on the faithful "to be aware of the great gift that priests represent for the Church and the world. Through their ministry the Lord continues to save mankind, to make Himself present, to sanctify. Give thanks to God and above all remain close to your priests with prayer and support, especially in moments of difficulty, that they may increasingly become pastors in keeping with God's heart".

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Congratulations to our Jubilarian Clerics!

Bishop Larry Silva, looking proud and pleased

Celebration of Mass to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, our Most High Priest

Honoring our priests... and brothers, nuns and sisters, here!

These are just a few of them. I wish I had taken a picture
of each one of our priests with Bishop Larry Silva,
but my camera was slow and I wasn't standing
close enough to the altar. I am learning though!
Bishop Larry with Fr. Gordy of Sacred Heart Parish

Our bishop with Fr. Keahi receiving for Fr. Edward Popish, SS.CC

Fr. Russel Roid, SJ

I had the opportunity to serve food afterwards
so some of the nuns, sisters,
and priests couldn't bypass my table
without me taking a picture of them!
Vicar General Fr. Marc Alexander
celebrates 25 years of ordination
He couldn't join in the celebration due to a Mass
he was presiding in another parish.

My diocese, Diocese of Honolulu, celebrated today, May 1,
the lives of priests, brothers, nuns and sisters on their
50th, 60th, 70th, and 75th anniversary of ordination or profession.

This blog honors them and the Risen Christ present in each one of them.


Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa!

Jubilee Celebration for Clergy and Religious
Saturday, May 1, 2010
St. Theresa, Co-Cathedral
75 Years
Sister Maria Seraphina Maziliauskaite, SSCC
70 Years
Brother Patrick Hughes, SSCC, Profession
Sister Alice Roberta Benzing, CSJ
Sister Julie Louise Thevenin, SSCC
60 Years
Reverend Maurice Cardinal, MS, Ordination
Reverend Michael Sawyer, OSB, Profession
Sister Tomasa Marcos, CSJ
Sister Mary Carmen Paas, CSJ
Sister Joan Chatfield, MM
Sister M Jeanette Joaquin, OSF
Sister Georgene Perry, SSCC
Sister Cecile Marie Duarte, SSCC
50 Years
Reverend Francis Peterson, Ordination
Reverend Henry Sabog, Ordination
Reverend Russell J. Roide, S.J., Profession
Brother Robert Hoppe, SM Profession
Sister Linda Quinones, BVM
Sister M. Jovita Agustin, OSF
Sister M. Davilyn Ah Chick, OSF
Sister M. Severine Bartolome, OSF
Sister Rochelle Liu, OSF of Philadelphia
Sister Joan Roddy, OSF of Philadelphia

25 Years
Reverend Gordian Carvalho, Ordination
Reverend Marc Alexander, Ordination
Reverend Napoleon M. Andres, M.S., Ordination
Reverend Edward Popish, SSCC, Ordination
Sister Laura Rhoderica Brown, FSP
Sister Carol Ann Gambsky, OSF of Christian Charity

Source of list: Catholic Hawaii website