Friday, July 25, 2008

3 Priests Come Together to Sing

Meet The Priests
The Priests are:

Father Eugene O'Hagan of the Parish of Ballyclare and Ballygowan: Church of The Sacred Heart and Church of The Holy Family. Diocese of Down and Connor

Father Martin O'Hagan of the Parish of Cushendun: Church of St. Patrick (Craigagh), Church of St. Mary, The Star of the Sea (Culraney). Diocese of Down and Connor.

Father David Delargy of the Parish of Hannahstown: Church of St. Joseph and Church of St. Peter, the Rock , Diocese of Down and Connor.

It was at St. MacNissi's College near Carnlough in Co Antrim where Father Eugene O'Hagan, Father Martin O'Hagan and Father David Delargy met for the first time...

God be praised for these priests! Check them out here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WYD Hawaii attended by 3 Seminarians

David Soares

David Soares, at the Honolulu Airport.
He's from St. Joseph's Hilo and
takes college classes
at Mt. Angel Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

EJ Resinto

EJ also goes to Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon
and started studies there on January 6, 2008

Not shown is Jason Nunez,
from Our Lady of Peace Cathedral,
entering second year of college seminary at Mt. Angel also.

WYD Hawaii sure was complete with the presence
of these 3 seminarians. They assisted in the activities
and helped even in the cleaning up.
God be praised for them!

I have had the pleasure of taking
David to the airport since his ride
to the airport was cancelled.
On our way there, I got to know him better,
which was really nice.
Funny, on Friday and Saturday, every chance
I got, I would look at him, but never in a
million years would I have guessed where I saw him.
Finally, when it was announced that we had 3 seminarians there,
that's when it hit me.
Why, I have seen him before,
in this blog!

Oh yeah! now I can say I met David in person. :-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pray for Fr. Gee

Fr. Gee and a group from Los Yareyes
From his post in December, 2007

The Missions: San Francisco and San Jose. Here was Fr. Gee's post on June 14:

God is good: i've been transferred to Christendom College. it's more than i deserve, but that's nothing new.

my official report date is aug 4th, but i'm leaving bánica on july 18th and heading straight out to the school to make sure the transition is smooth. so, the last ever blog on this site will be july 17th and then she'll close down for good.

thanks for all who were praying for a great assignment, God heard your prayers and then told the bishop...

He did make his final post on the 17th of July. Please send prayers to our sweet heavenly priest, the Most High Prince himself, Jesus, that Fr. Gee will be blessed with wisdom, strength and joy that he needs to tackle all that God has planned for him in Christendom College. I thank you all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

6 Effective Habits of Vocational Recruiting

6 Effective Habits of Vocational Recruiting Newspaper Cites the Eucharist and Dads Among Key Secrets

NORTH HAVEN, Connecticut, FEB. 6, 2006 ( - Dioceses reporting successful rates of vocational recruitment have something in common, says the National Catholic Register.

In a summary of reporter Tim Drake's article "Vocations Surge" in a recent issue, the Register compiled a list of "six habits of highly effective dioceses.

"The first habit was putting the Eucharist at the center of vocational work.

In an editorial the newspaper explained: "Eucharistic adoration is especially effective because it draws sharp attention to the great gift that makes the priesthood so extraordinary and so needed -- we have the priesthood to thank for God's real presence in the Blessed Sacrament."

And the dynamic of silent Eucharistic adoration inevitably leads to the question, 'What do you want me to do, Lord?'

"Read complete article here:

Thanks to my friend, Melissa, for this info.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pope Benedict's Aproves Sainthood of Blessed Damien

Blessed Damien
picture found in the Hawaii Catholic Herald

From the Hawaii Catholic Herald:
Pope Benedict XVI approves sainthood for Blessed Damien
Miracle shows Hawaii still close to his heart
(read story)
Much to do while waiting for a date
(read story)
Cause concluded, the postulator dies
(read story)

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise Meeting Fr. Daren Again

flowers for Fr. Daren and the delegates
from Sringfield, Illinois

I had the pleasure of meeting Fr. Daren Zehnle of
Servant and Steward last year through Esther of A Catholic Mom in Hawaii. Fr. Daren came just in time for the big Fr. Damien celebration we had which took place at our capitol and immediately followed by a well attended Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace. I must say his vacation was FANTASTIC (his posts were enough proof) :-).

I had the chance to go to Stephen's in Pali (diocesan main office and residence of Bishop Larry Silva) the day before and met just by chance some of the delegates from Springfield, Illinois who were here for a short visit before going to Australia for World Youth Day. Funny, I startled one of them for as I was walking out of the bathroom, she was walking towards the main door and not expecting anyone there since it was a Saturday. I had a nice chat with them afterwards.

Came Sunday, I unexpectedly met the same people right outside of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace. I had no idea they were going to my church! Good thing I didn't cantor that morning... could have been a disaster from nervousness ha ha ha... Then as I was standing and looking at this young priest, I started wondering who that might be and why he looks familiar to me. Well, of course, because I've met this young and vibrant priest before, and I featured him right here on my blog months ago. Fr. Daren! What a fantastic surprise!

Fr. Daren, I was at the choir loft singing during that Mass and I was praising God for such an occasion of meeting you again and the wonderful youth and parents with you. I look forward to having dinner with you and hopefully with Esther, too!

Visit Fr. Daren's post that mentions our encounter and his adventures here on our island.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome back, Fr. Conrado!

Today is a special day for St. Philomena and Holy Family churches here in our diocese. Fr. Conrado celebrated his first Mass as the new parish priest for those two clustering parishes early this morning.

I recall the Mass he said at St. Philomena when I was there over 3 years ago. I was a visiting parishioner and promoting a book on the Eucharist that has my story. After Mass that day, he reached out his hand to give me some money in payment for the book. He was pleased to know that the books are given to priests for free. You see, God sent to me benefactors to cover the costs of the books intended for priests. Priests, being his representatives, I can only surmise, are very important to him.

God knows when to hug our priests. He knows when to take care of them, but you and I can be those hands extending God's love to the priestly image of Christ here on earth. God inspire us to welcome and love our priests!