Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome back, Fr. Conrado!

Today is a special day for St. Philomena and Holy Family churches here in our diocese. Fr. Conrado celebrated his first Mass as the new parish priest for those two clustering parishes early this morning.

I recall the Mass he said at St. Philomena when I was there over 3 years ago. I was a visiting parishioner and promoting a book on the Eucharist that has my story. After Mass that day, he reached out his hand to give me some money in payment for the book. He was pleased to know that the books are given to priests for free. You see, God sent to me benefactors to cover the costs of the books intended for priests. Priests, being his representatives, I can only surmise, are very important to him.

God knows when to hug our priests. He knows when to take care of them, but you and I can be those hands extending God's love to the priestly image of Christ here on earth. God inspire us to welcome and love our priests!


Esther said...

They are getting a really good priest. Tell him hi for me Easter. I don't think he knows my name so I think you may have to mention NJ to him :-)

Easter A. said...

Esther dear,

I will do that when I see him next. He remembers the book I gave him. I was pleased when he said once again 'thank you.' Our acts of love are greatly rewarded in many ways; words, many times, are sufficient.

Love and hugs to you,