Monday, August 15, 2011

Video: Seven Priests Cause Abortion Mill To Close!

Original post by Margie Sullivan, Jul 15, 2011

Last year seven Catholic Priests gathered around the Rockford abortion mill and prayed prayers of exorcism. On that day two mothers choose life; the number of abortions fell by two thirds, and the abortion mill landlord was so unsettled that he stayed outside his abortion mill while the Priests were praying.

This year the powers that be inside the mill were taking no chances. Instead of trying to remain open in the face of such spiritual power, they found it easier to close their doors for the day. Thanks be to God because of these seven Priests, the Poor Clare Nuns who in the Corpus Christi Monastery in Rockford where uniting their prayers with the Priests, and every Christian who prayed this morning, not one child was killed in Rockford today.

More here, by Margie Sullivan

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poem: A Tribute to Our Priests

St. Thomas More, pray for all our priests!

I have been, for days now, engaged in contemplation and process of discernment of bringing this blog to a close. The more I find myself, however, of facing a greater possibility of writing a farewell message to those who come for a visit, a peek, or to read an article, I notice a distinct change on its sidebar. Today is more difficult than yesterday. For as I check an initial post done at the time of conception of this blog, which is over four years ago, I am caught off guard to find a poem I vaguely remember writing. Perhaps, though busier my life has become, I just need to recognize more fully or embrace with greater appreciation surprises that have a divine element to them. I am thankful for those! So, yes, it's not time to say goodbye.

Always for Others
By Easter Almuena

You are the image and likeness of God
But with you the morning awakens
With the call to rise
Not for you
But always for others.

God handpicked you from a myriad of souls
Molded you since you were a babe
To prepare you for a journey
Not for you
But always for others.

God blessed you with wisdom
To use to give form to his plans
And love to carry them out
Not for you
But always for others.

Mary walks with you
Guiding and loving you
For to her you are a Christ
Not for you
But always for others.

You hold the Body of Christ
Embrace his name and proclaim it
And a father and counselor you have become
Not for you
But always for others.

God forever bless you
Walk and carry you when your feet are weary
Bring peace and joy to your heart
For though your life is never for you
It is Christ’s and he delights in you.

November 19, 2007
4:07 a.m.
All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Easter Almuena

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quotes for Meditation by St. John Vianney

"Prayer is nothing else but union with God. When one has a heart that is pure and united with God, he is given a kind of serenity and sweetness that makes him ecstatic, a light that surrounds him with marvelous brightness. In this intimate union, God and the soul are fused together like two bits of wax that no one can ever pull apart. This union of God with a tiny creature is a lovely thing. It is a happiness beyond understanding."

"When our hands have touched spices, they give fragrance to all they handle. Let us make our prayers pass through the hands of the Blessed Virgin. She will make them fragrant."

- St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests