Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pray for Fr. Gee

Fr. Gee and a group from Los Yareyes
From his post in December, 2007

The Missions: San Francisco and San Jose. Here was Fr. Gee's post on June 14:

God is good: i've been transferred to Christendom College. it's more than i deserve, but that's nothing new.

my official report date is aug 4th, but i'm leaving bánica on july 18th and heading straight out to the school to make sure the transition is smooth. so, the last ever blog on this site will be july 17th and then she'll close down for good.

thanks for all who were praying for a great assignment, God heard your prayers and then told the bishop...

He did make his final post on the 17th of July. Please send prayers to our sweet heavenly priest, the Most High Prince himself, Jesus, that Fr. Gee will be blessed with wisdom, strength and joy that he needs to tackle all that God has planned for him in Christendom College. I thank you all!

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