Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WYD Hawaii attended by 3 Seminarians

David Soares

David Soares, at the Honolulu Airport.
He's from St. Joseph's Hilo and
takes college classes
at Mt. Angel Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

EJ Resinto

EJ also goes to Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon
and started studies there on January 6, 2008

Not shown is Jason Nunez,
from Our Lady of Peace Cathedral,
entering second year of college seminary at Mt. Angel also.

WYD Hawaii sure was complete with the presence
of these 3 seminarians. They assisted in the activities
and helped even in the cleaning up.
God be praised for them!

I have had the pleasure of taking
David to the airport since his ride
to the airport was cancelled.
On our way there, I got to know him better,
which was really nice.
Funny, on Friday and Saturday, every chance
I got, I would look at him, but never in a
million years would I have guessed where I saw him.
Finally, when it was announced that we had 3 seminarians there,
that's when it hit me.
Why, I have seen him before,
in this blog!

Oh yeah! now I can say I met David in person. :-)


Esther said...

ha ha ha. Easter you are so funny! Thanks for the chuckle.
How nice that our dear seminarians attended this event.

Easter A. said...

Hahaha... love it!!!

Yes, it was good to meet EJ too. They were all so happy to know that they have a spiritual mother. :-)