Monday, May 31, 2010

Bishop Clark Speaks on Vocation

It's good to see our seminarians back to our parishes in our diocese. I talked to one of them, a joyful time for me. He is one of the spiritual sons whom the Lord has chosen for me to pray for everyday.

So, yes, vocation comes to mind once again. Here's a video filled with inspiration. Bishop Matthew H. Clark of the Diocese of Rochester discusses the importance of discernment and shares with us his own experiences. Our thanks to Bishop Clark!


Mike said...

Before contacting Bishop Clark about becoming a priest in the Diocese of Rochester, the potential seminarian ought to be aware of the bishop's vision for the Catholic Church.

One may either watch or listen to such a talk here (Bishop Clark's comments begin at the 23:25 mark) or read a transcription of the core of the bishop's comments here.

Easter A. said...

Hello Mike,
I have visited your blog. Judging on people's comments this priest and bishop is notorious for unorthodoxy. I would like to check into it myself. I appreciate your input. It is true, before we post anything on our blogs or websites we should first do a thorough research of the subject, a point well taken. Much mahalo! God bless you for all you do, Mike!