Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of Year for Priests

We praise God for the Year for Priests!

This year has given me an opportunity to give more importance to our priests. Though not exactly reflected on my blog posts in terms of content and quantity, I've, however, allowed myself to spend more time in looking at the life of priests. I've assisted a priest in a huge project for a catholic television network and embraced the call to be more supportive of our orthodox priests in general. I am, in fact, looking forward to having a priest come to our diocese who will be a speaker for a marian conference. He happens to be one of my spiritual sons whom I met through the blogosphere. I'd welcome the opportunity of serving our Lord through him. I also look forward to having my children spend some time with him, to get to know him, and ask him questions relating to discernment of vocations.

My classes in Theology have a great bearing on this segment of my life. I am enjoying learning more about the Catholic Church, and I hope to be able to apply what I learn more fully in the future.

My first book Serving God Joyfully Right Here in Hawaii supports my bishop's diocesan road map, with an emphasis on its social service: I am raising funds for our homeless through sales of this book. My next book will be for support of his plans for our priests and seminarians. Though my goals are focused on supporting my diocese, I am really just an individual, a parishioner, and a Catholic stay-at-home mom who desires to use God-given gifts for the unity of the body of Christ. I do not work for my diocese and all funds raised are strictly donations.

Plenary indulgence, anyone, for the end of the Year for Priests? Here's the info from Spiritual Mothers Apostolate in the Diocese of Honolulu.


Esther G. said...

Easter, there is no doubt that you have done so much to support and love our priest not only in this year of the priests that will soon be ending, but as long as I have known you.

You are a perfect example of what a spiritual mom is called to be and do. You are a great spiritual mom in the best sense of the word.

Easter A. said...

I can't thank you enough, Esther. Your love of God and your friendship are an inspiration to me. You are also a joy to work with, and for that I say: "Serving God is indeed a joy!"

I praise God for YOU!

Tracy said...

Thank you for your witness Easter, you inspire me!!

Easter A. said...

Tracy, thanks so much! Your words inspire me to keep blogging, despite many responsibilities.

Tracy, God bless you abundantly!