Saturday, May 1, 2010

Congratulations to our Jubilarian Clerics!

Bishop Larry Silva, looking proud and pleased

Celebration of Mass to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, our Most High Priest

Honoring our priests... and brothers, nuns and sisters, here!

These are just a few of them. I wish I had taken a picture
of each one of our priests with Bishop Larry Silva,
but my camera was slow and I wasn't standing
close enough to the altar. I am learning though!
Bishop Larry with Fr. Gordy of Sacred Heart Parish

Our bishop with Fr. Keahi receiving for Fr. Edward Popish, SS.CC

Fr. Russel Roid, SJ

I had the opportunity to serve food afterwards
so some of the nuns, sisters,
and priests couldn't bypass my table
without me taking a picture of them!
Vicar General Fr. Marc Alexander
celebrates 25 years of ordination
He couldn't join in the celebration due to a Mass
he was presiding in another parish.

My diocese, Diocese of Honolulu, celebrated today, May 1,
the lives of priests, brothers, nuns and sisters on their
50th, 60th, 70th, and 75th anniversary of ordination or profession.

This blog honors them and the Risen Christ present in each one of them.


Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa!

Jubilee Celebration for Clergy and Religious
Saturday, May 1, 2010
St. Theresa, Co-Cathedral
75 Years
Sister Maria Seraphina Maziliauskaite, SSCC
70 Years
Brother Patrick Hughes, SSCC, Profession
Sister Alice Roberta Benzing, CSJ
Sister Julie Louise Thevenin, SSCC
60 Years
Reverend Maurice Cardinal, MS, Ordination
Reverend Michael Sawyer, OSB, Profession
Sister Tomasa Marcos, CSJ
Sister Mary Carmen Paas, CSJ
Sister Joan Chatfield, MM
Sister M Jeanette Joaquin, OSF
Sister Georgene Perry, SSCC
Sister Cecile Marie Duarte, SSCC
50 Years
Reverend Francis Peterson, Ordination
Reverend Henry Sabog, Ordination
Reverend Russell J. Roide, S.J., Profession
Brother Robert Hoppe, SM Profession
Sister Linda Quinones, BVM
Sister M. Jovita Agustin, OSF
Sister M. Davilyn Ah Chick, OSF
Sister M. Severine Bartolome, OSF
Sister Rochelle Liu, OSF of Philadelphia
Sister Joan Roddy, OSF of Philadelphia

25 Years
Reverend Gordian Carvalho, Ordination
Reverend Marc Alexander, Ordination
Reverend Napoleon M. Andres, M.S., Ordination
Reverend Edward Popish, SSCC, Ordination
Sister Laura Rhoderica Brown, FSP
Sister Carol Ann Gambsky, OSF of Christian Charity

Source of list: Catholic Hawaii website

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