Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Let nothing trouble or afflict thee.
Am I not here, I who am thy Mother?
Thou art beneath my shadow and protection.
And am not Ilife and health?
In my lap art thou, and counted as mine.
What more dost thou need?
I shall show my tender clemency
for those who love and seek me,
for all who implore my protection,
who call on me in their labors and afflictions.
-Words of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Prayer for our Priests Today

Our Most Sweet Lady of Guadalupe,
we entrust to you our beloved priests.
Never let go of their hands
as you walk with them in their journey
to Christ
for with them are the hands of souls
desired by these most precious priests
to one day behold the face of your Son.
When their journey is too much to bear
embrace them with your loving arms
that knowing you are there,
their Mother of love and hope,
they will always be renewed
in their vocation.
How we praise and thank God for you, Mary,
Mother of all our priests!

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