Saturday, December 15, 2007

Message of Sr. Mary on Pray for our Priests

Message sent by
Steve Odo

Pray for Our Priests

My joy is beyond description to come to know [...] that the Vatican has raised up a campaign of prayer and reparation for priests through continuous Eucharistic adoration, self sacrifice [
Vatican Seeking Spiritual Moms for Priests]. The title has impressed me so much: "Vatican seeking spiritual moms for priests."

This message has coincided exactly with my personal meditation which I made during the feast of Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. It filled me with so much joy to feel deeply in my heart that my consecration as a religious nun is, through God's grace, an Immaculate Conception because its fruits are through the action of the Holy Spirit.

The fact that the Vatican has raised this campaign gives me much courage to continue with my offering with a renewed spirit. [...] I am very happy to be a spiritual mother of God's priests and I'm ready to extend my offering to all the priests in the whole world regardless the sacrifices God will send to me. May it be for his glory and the sanctification of all his beloved priests.
Thank you and congratulations to the Vatican. May God give us holy priests.

Yours sincerely in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Sr. Mary

In prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ Name, we go and make disciples of all nations.
Stephen Odo


Anonymous said...

i will join you in praying for our Priests..

Easter A. said...

Jackie, dear lady,
What a joy to hear from you and to know of your love for our priests! Your prayers will give them strength and comfort!

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