Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meet Fr. Dan Moll, one of our new priests

Thank you Kathy Recicar for sending me these photos!

Kathy: "My friend Marian from Michigan, this is her son Fr. Dan, he was ordained in the U.P. - maybe you would like to post the pictures Fr. Dan's Ordination pictures."

Marian, Fr. Dan's mother: "Four of these young priests were ordained in June '07 and then my son is the newest priest."

"Yes, all the talk of a "priest shortage" really hit home for us, we are a huge parish, with 8 Masses on Sat. night and Sunday, and we found out one of our two priests will be reassigned, leaving Fr. Miguel alone to serve this huge parish. He just got there too, and has a difficult time with English. He is a very Holy priest and very loving, and also very overwhelmed! We must pray for vocations, seminarians, new priests, elderly priests, all our Priests, Bishops and Cardinals!!"

Please say Hail Mary for Fr. Dan and Fr. Miguel.
Thank you!


Esther said...

This is so heartwarming. These young priests and all our priests are in my daily prayers.

Easter A. said...

Mine too! One cannot help but love them. I made it a point to always say Thank You to the one who said the Mass I attended. I can see in their eyes that they like being acknowledged for what they do! God bless our priests!

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to say a Hail Mary for Fr. Dan and Fr. Miguel. I will keep them in my prayers.

Esther said...

Easter, my mom is one of those ladies who would love to kiss the consecrated hands of priests. Of course, most won't let her. But I noticed something with Filipino women. They touch the priest's forehead with their hands. Do you know what that means?

Easter A. said...

Hi Esther,
Really? That is something I do not know... but we respect elders and priests by taking their right hand and letting it touch our forehead while our body bends in a bowing position. It is a beautiful tradition. The bowing part is much like the Japanese' way of showing respect.

Easter A. said...

So glad you came to visit! I noticed that parents of priests are very devoted in their prayers! That is very encouraging! Thank you, Ed.