Monday, December 10, 2007

Second Sunday of Advent - Praying for our Cardinals and Bishops

Wreath compliment of Esther.

This week is dedicated to all our cardinals, archbishops and bishops.
Our Eucharistic prayers, recitation of the rosary, works, joys and sacrifices this 2nd Sunday of Advent are offered for them...

Glory and praise to you, heavenly Father!
And to you, our Most High Priest, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!
We proclaim your greatness and everlasting love!
You have appointed our cardinals, archbishops and bishops
to carry out tasks so vital to our Most Beloved Catholic Church.
Remain in them, Father, just as you have in your Son, Jesus.
May all they do speak of their obedience
and faithfulness to the Magisterium.
All for your praise and honor, Most Holy Trinity!
And always with Mary, we pray.


Anonymous said...

Lovely prayer...

Easter A. said...

Thanks Jackie!
Glad you dropped by!