Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prayer for our Priests this Christmas

For all Priests especially now at Christmas

Jesus, meek and humble of heart,
give all priests Thy spirit of humility;

Jesus, poor and worn out for souls,
give all priests Thy spirit of zeal;

Jesus, full of patience and mercy for sinners,
give all priests Thy spirit of compassion;

Jesus, victim for the sins of the world,
give all priests Thy spirit of sacrifice;

Jesus, lover of the little and the poor,
give all priests Thy spirit of charity.

Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us;
and obtain for us numerous
and holy priests and religious. Amen

Source: Catholic Answers


Esther said...

What a good prayer for our dear priests!!
Thanks Easter for posting this.

Lilder said...

Great prayer. Thank you for posting this.

You asked about my "new" blog, it's here:

It seems you found my old one from more over a year ago. Thanks for the congrats!

Easter A. said...

Hi Esther,
Thank you as always, especially for your love for our priests. It inspires all of us to pay more attention to them.:-)

Easter A. said...

Hi Lilder,
Thank you for praying this prayer for our beloved priests. They are in great need of love and support from all of us. God bless you abundantly!

Anonymous said...

What a nice prayer Easter.
God Bless, Ed

Easter A. said...

Yes, isn't it? Our priests need our prayers! Thank you Ed for praying it for our priests. Much appreciated! :-)