Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you, Bishop Lazaro of Cajamarca!

Msgr. Carmelo Martinez Lazaro, SJ of Cajamarca
Order of Augustinian Recollects

A sturdy spine or backbone is what a bishop needs! If your bishop has that, announce his deeds, send him a letter of thanks, and pray for him.

It is an honor to give tribute to a bishop who is considered a minority, yet one who lives the pulpit.

"Bishop Carmelo Martinez Lazaro of Cajamarca in northern Peru has suspended the controversial priest, Father Marco Arana, both because of his participation in partisan politics and for voicing his support for abortion on several occasions." Read the rest of the article here. Thanks to CNA, Catholic News Agency.

The Catholic Church does not condemn individuals, it points out actions of its members that degrade and waterdown its teachings. A bishop's role is so important in the shepherding of his people; he ought to use the authority vested upon him to keep our Church standing strong and vibrant. An act of suspension of a clergy seems harsh, but like a family - such as my own - I make sure to discipline my five children, not with the intention of inflicting pain, but to let them understand that there are bounderies, limitations, as well as rules to observe and follow - to keep our family standing strong and vibrant.

Thank you, Bishop Carmelo Martinez Lazaro of Cajamarca! God forever bless you and keep you strong as you lead your people at the Church of our Most High Priest, Jesus Christ.


Tracy said...

A sturdy spine or backbone.. oh, how I agree!!!

Easter A. said...

Thanks, Tracy!