Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's really going on in Haiti?

Sister Maria Sylvita Elie tells us the real scoop (CNS). Though many people have donated millions of money to help the Haitian people, so little is being done, so little is seen in terms of efforts and supplies.

Fr. Gabriel Michel, Haitian-born priest, visited his hometown to have a look at the situation of the people there. As he was about to start prayer, he broke down and cried. Story here.

My diocese has published the USCCB release regarding the restructuring of Haiti.

We continue to pray for Haiti.


Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing this information, I have been wondering what "really" is going on, so hard to know how much is real, and which media outlet to trust.

Easter A. said...

That is so true, and for some reason this is what I had expected to happen. Man gets in the way of his own plans. We pray that the planners speed up what needs to be done. Thanks, Tracy!