Wednesday, January 13, 2010

National Awareness Vocation Week

My good friend, Esther G. of A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, has good posts for National Awareness Vocation Week. Here is the link to the Diocese of Honolulu Spiritual Mothers Apostolate site, a blog that Esther herself built. She and I maintain it for many reasons. One of which is to keep the Spiritual Mothers in our diocese informed of the latest events or issues involving our priests and seminarians. It is also a place to encourage our Spiritual Mothers to persevere in their prayers for the Spiritual Sons assigned to them, or anyone; thus, we post prayers.

This week, please remember all the seminarians who are pursuing to become the future priests of our Church. Please pray for those men and women who are in discernment, those who feel called to the priestly or religious life.

I dedicate this post to my good friend, Jack O'Keefe, who is discerning his vocation, his place in God's kingdom here on earth.

To Jack and all those in the process of discernment: May God, in his infinite goodness, fill you with wisdom that you may see clearly the path God wants you to take.


Mr. Jack said...

Thank you!

Easter A. said...

You're welcome!