Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet Fr. Edward Tomlinson, SSC, this Epiphany

At Co-Cathedral of St. Theresa in Honolulu

I've had the pleasure of finding another blogger priest, through Twitter - thanks to Luke Coppen who is the editor of the Catholic Herald in UK.

The Year for Priests is such a great idea of our dear pope, Pope Benedict XVI, because it makes us aware of the presence of priests in our church - near or far. This gives us a chance to know them, recognize their work, include them in our prayers - which is so important as they are as human as we are who need prayers - and to connect with them that we may be able to pass on to others what they teach or share with us the laity. And of course, it's great finding info through others who know them or who are familiar with their work. I must say, thanks to Luke on this one!

Meet Fr. Edward Tomlinson, SSC, of The St. Barnabas Blog, who posted for us Epiphany Chalk. Marking our door with such a special chalk is a great custom of our Church, which family members can enjoy doing together. His post is warm and inviting; it gives us motivation to perform this prayer to "mark out our homes for Christ and seek his blessing in the coming year" - the words of Fr. Edward himself. January 6th is the day, but do read Fr. Edward's post to see what we truly need for what could be a great family event, or tradition.

Thank you, Fr. Edward, for this reminder! I am looking forward to doing this again with my own family! Many blessings to you!

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