Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Epiphany Homily by Msgr. Daniel F. Hoye

This post is dedicated to Maryellen of Grandma's Musings.

For those of us who like an extended celebration of Christmas, today IS the acceptable date of Epiphany.:-) I must make it clear though that here in the United States, this past Sunday, January 3, was when our Church celebrated it.

Meet Msgr. Daniel F. Hoye who gave his parishioners an encouraging homily. I discovered his wisdom for the occasion on Facebook. I'd joined Facebook in October of last year, and have managed to connect with so many wonderful people; to me, it is an initial step to contributing to the building of a stronger body of Christ. I have found blogging and facebooking to be good means of sharing my own love of God and the spreading of the gospel of the Most High Priest Jesus Christ. So, yes, I am doing a bit of that element - by posting for all of us Msgr. Daniel Hoye's enlightening homily.

A joyful Epiphany to you all, beloved friends in Christ. May we find the Epiphany of every ordinary or mundane task we have - for behind each one of them is an eager Christ whose light wants to be shown!


Tracy said...

How wonderful, thanks for sharing this!!

Easter A. said...

Tracy, thanks so much! :-)

Maryellen said...

Oh My! You dedicated this post to ME? Easter, you are so kind. What a perfect way to encourage me. The words of Msgr. Hoye and your words in the post are truly gift to me.

When you find wisdom, you share it so effectively. Christ must be very pleased with the way in which you show His light, which He desires from each of us in our own way.

May God bless you and reward you for sharing your Love of God and spreading the Gospel of Jesus. I agree that we all need to contribute according to our gifts to the building of a stronger body of Christ.
I appreciate the rich resources you offer in your blogs.

Thank you, dear Easter, for this gracious Epiphany Gift.

Easter A. said...

Maryellen, our God be praised!

And praise be to God for you, for your love, your inspiration, and kind words!

I can't thank you enough, Maryellen. God is so wonderful because he put us all together to inspire each other, and others, to experience him as a good, loving and personal God. Your inspiration allows me to experience God's joy that when I go out there in the real world, I wouldn't feel so alone. Deep within, I know, I am a member of a strong body of Christ.

God bless you abundantly, dearest friend in Christ. And thank you!