Friday, January 22, 2010

Catholic Priest Appreciation Network

Thanks to my good friend Esther of A Catholic Mom in Hawaii. Her passion to pray and encourage our priests to be the best they can be - and resourcefulness - enable me to find some good things to share with you. Here's a site she's a member of that is dedicated to priests also; it's called The Catholic Priest Appreciation Network.

Here's a message from Mary Rose, its creator:

"... this will be a place for celebration.

Share your stories, photos, videos - everything and anything to show your appreciation for Catholic priests! I hope this will be a place of joy for you and a reminder to always keep our priests in prayer."

Check it out. Post your priest's name, accomplishments, and words of encouragement.


Tracy said...

This is a wonderful idea!!

Easter A. said...

Thanks so much, Tracy!

Esther G. said...

Thanks for spreading the word Easter!

Easter A. said...

Thanks to you, Esther!