Thursday, May 8, 2008

What is this convocation for priests?

Convocations give priests
an opportunity to step away
from our busy ministries
and build priestly fraternity
by sharing meals, socializing,
praying with one another,
celebrating Mass together, and perhaps
even playing a round of golf.
They provide the chance to spend time
with other priests
that we do not see often enough
because of distance
and the many demands of priestly life.
- Fr. James Peterson

God be praised for our priests' convocation!
With God's love for them
surely it will sustain them
and rejuvenate them!


Esther said...

Did you see their schedule Easter? Sounds like they had a great time!

Easter A. said...

Oh Esther, only you would be privileged enough to have that kind of info. LOL. :-)

If I made you smile, then I accomplished something good.


Anonymous said...

Happy Pentecost and a Happy Mothers Day Easter.
Come Holy Spirit!

Easter A. said...

Hello to you, our dear Ed,
And to you, a Happy Feast of the Holy Spirit!

Many blessings to you and your family always,