Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hawaii will have a new deacon today!

I rejoice as I let you know that we will have a new deacon today, May 30.

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Please pray for Jon Cabico as he prepares for the most important event in his life and in our diocese. Mahalo!


Esther said...

He will be in my prayers especially tomorrow!! Thanks for letting for the wonderful news Easter.

Easter A. said...

Hey you, dearest sister! Thanks! Robert Mondoy has been preparing for this for weeks now. He said he wanted to put together several music pieces that are a bit different from what he usually creates. I cannot wait to hear about it.

God be praised for this special occasion!

Veritas said...

The Feast of the Sacred Heart is a wonderful occasion on which to celebrate with Jon in his Deacon's role.
I hope you have a lovely day, Easter, all of you who have prepared for this .

Easter A. said...

Hi Ann,
YES! God be praised! And St. Joan of Arc will be a great help, that's for sure.

I hope to be able to attend and take some pictures but the church is small. It will be very full and I can imagine many will have to be outside to participate in this occasion. The main reason why I am not going is that I have 2 children who are sick.

Robert Mondoy, our diocesan musical director, is also my children's piano teacher, so I will get news from him. :-0