Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Honor of Mary and Joseph who shepherd well the Good Shepherd

In honor of Mary, Queen of the Apostles
Feastday was Saturday, the day before Pentecost Sunday

Mary, Queen of the Apostles
is the Patroness of the Pauline Family.

In honor of St. Joseph,The Worker

Found by John, a frequent visitor of Micki's blog

The Holy Family

I found this at Ed's original blog, In God's Company
Ed moved to a new spot now called
In God's Company Too!


We can only assume that
Mary and Joseph
indeed shepherd Jesus
with the love of God.
It couldn't have been done
any other way.
Though we have read
so little about Joseph,
our faith dictates to us
that he was a good father,
a good carpenter
and a good husband to Mary.
Only goodness and kindness
shall follow me
all the days of my life!
Psalm 23:6.
That is how it was
with St. Joseph and with Mary
for God was in them
and they lived
the way of godliness.
As we contemplate
on these words,
we pray
for the millions of parents
who shepherd
God's little children.
We pray
that in each of these families
goodness and kindness
will follow them
wherever they are
and wherever they go.
This is God's way
and the way to bear
good children
raised in the vineyard
of our most loving God.
To Him we give praise!
Now and always! Amen!


Veritas said...

Parenthood is never easy but at least we can rely on the support of the Holy Family and look to them for support and inspiration.

Easter A. said...

Hi Ann,
Absolutely! God knew how important the Holy Family was going to be. It's amazing that he's got everything figured out before all came into being. What a great God we have!

Thanks, Ann!