Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Tribute to Priests Who Were Ones Unbelievers

Fr Boniface's Documentary
Athiest turned Catholic priest

Thank you to Melissa.


ukok said...

Absolutely beautiful! What an incredibly inspiring testimony.

Easter A. said...

How wonderful to see you here! Yes, it is isn't it? And he is such a young priest. There is so much ahead of him, so much to learn and so much to give. God be praised for calling him, making him an example for others to follow. Simply wonderful!

Veritas said...

Easter, Fr. Mark Kirby's Vultus Christi blog has a post today 26th May which will be of special interest to you and your readers.

Marilena said...

have you ever read about Father Corapi's conversion?
its simply amazing!! he is a very holy priest!!!

Easter A. said...

Hello dear Ann,
I visited his blog on the day you posted this comment. I thank you, Ann. We had an unexpected visitor (aunt). My youngest had a fever for 4 days, and now my other son's got it, so my postings have been slow. I thank you so much! I will call Fr. Khan, our vicar for the clergy to see if we are doing anything that day. Hmmm... our Spiritual Moms Ministry could say extra prayers for our priests that day! Hmmm... adoration!!! :-)

Hugs to you, Ann!

Easter A. said...

Hello dear Marilena,
Oh YES! :-) It is one of the best ones that I have ever heard. A St. Augustine 21st century story! Isn't that just amazing? I never get tired of hearing his testimony. It inspires me to keep the faith... a very good thing! :-)

Thanks Marilena and hugs to you too!