Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mission of the priests

The mission of the priest is to save souls.
But he cannot do this effectively
unless he has helpers.
Now woman, by reason of her deeply religious nature
and her power over man,
is ideally suited for this task.
She should, therefore, joyfully
and methodically cooperate with the clergy
in the noble task of extending
Christ's Kingdom on earth.

Rev. James Alberione

Two New Monsignori Announced here at Jackie's place,


Esther said...

Beautiful! I was pleasantly surprised to find out Fr. J.A. was a pioneer regarding good Catholic programming as a way to evangelize.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

Easter A. said...

Hi Esther,
Thanks for the input! I know that good Catholic programming means a lot to you. BTW I tell people all the time that it was you who got us EWTN and people tell me how they love EWTN and also to thank you. Hmmm forgetfulness... my mother-in-law says thanks and I told her to pray for you. There is also a choir member in St. Philomena who says thanks to you also. God be praised for you, Esther!:-)

Easter A. said...

Hi Jackie,
You are welcome. I think I will go back to that post and copy what Fr. said, so delightful to hear and very encouraging.

Thanks to you, Jackie!