Saturday, March 8, 2008

Amazing events!

THE most amazing thing happened yesterday, actually, amazing things! Our friends, Esther and Joey, came to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace for Stations of the Cross, and for Esther and me to sign a letter to Bishop Larry that we both wrote together. We are requesting Bishop Silva to support us in our endeavor to find more women in our diocese to spiritually adopt our priests and seminarians.

After we signed the letter, Esther said that we go see the Bishop. Gulp! Doesn't she know that one has to make an appointment ahead of time to see a bishop? Ha ha ha... That friend of mine, ours actually! She is one petite lady, but my gosh, what guts she possesses!

Anyway, it was a good try. Though Bishop Silva was unavailable, the amazing thing was that we saw the right people who could help us. Did I say Vicar General Fr. Marc Alexander knows Esther? Yes sireee! He, Fr. Mark Alexander, and Fr. Pascual are going to post our announcement in our major catholic website and major newsletter circulated to priests and important people in the diocese. Yipeeee!!! God wants us to pray for his priests and seminarians! (la la la...)

I hope you will be back for another amazing thing that happened that day.


Esther said...

LOL! I think ignorance is bliss in my situation. I had no idea of the protocol behind seeing a bishop. Since you are on kissy-kissy terms with him, I figured he'd be happy to see you ;-) If I knew you can't do what I proposed, I would have chickened out.

It was so nice to speak to the two priests, those nice ladies and of course spend time with you and the kiddies.

Thanks Easter ;-)


Easter A. said...

Ha ha ha!!! LOL too! :-) Well, I remember your courage in approaching Bishop at the Pro-Life March, so why not give it a try again! :-)

Esther, you are sooo funny! :-)


John Michael said...

You two crack me up.

Can you do a small favor and tell me I am being out of line with my blog post at

It is the one about the USSCB.

God bless.

Esther said...

JM, thanks. We crack each other up too :-) BTW, I didn't think you were being out of line at all.

Easter A. said...

Hello John Michael,
Oh not at all. I think that women should dress modestly! I am really glad that you raised that question. It keeps us all thinking and makes us conscious that women and our young girls really should dress modestly, and not follow the norm of the world we do not belong to.

Thank you, John Michael! Yes,
Esther and I love to laugh.

It is wonderful to "see" you here again, John Michael. So sorry that I didn't get to post right away. Our weekends are the busiest, especially Sunday because the entire family serves at 2 Masses. After the second Mass, we usually get to treat ourselves to a nice family meal where we do not have to cook, like today.:-)

God bless you abundantly!