Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Amazing Event - continued

When we got to the 5th floor, I met my favorite young priest, Fr. Paul Li. I told him about TJ and sure enough, we found ourselves laughing again, just like we did when he helped me put together an anual Mass for the homeschoolers last year.

So there we were, seated at a round table: Fr. Peter, TJ, my other children and I. We had all smiles on our faces, especially TJ. One thing I noticed about him was he had this most comfortable, joyful and peaceful demeanor, but of course, being his mother, I won't give it any meaning. :-)

Fr. Peter had an application form on the table and jotted down information which the siblings mostly answered for TJ, and yes, with smiles and giggles. The questions in the back made most of us laugh:

Are you suffering from mental illness?
Have you seen a psychiatrist?
Are you taking any prescribed medications?
Do you have any debts?
If so, how much do you owe?


Oh what joy! What joy! But soon we had to go. 3 of my children left a few minutes early to prepare and put their albs on to serve as acolytes for the 12 noon Mass.

In many occasions, the family, except TJ, served at various Masses. My husband and I sang with the cathedral's choir and sometimes cantored while the 4 children altar served. Soon, he will be joining the team.

Thinking of TJ serving at Mass is making all of us nervous. He's the baby of the family, and in some ways, still acts like one. This child still remains in the metaphysical stage where his connection with God is in the wonder and awe. Full of wonder and awe for God and his creation, yes, that is TJ. He also possesses a natural ability to make us laugh with his simple siliness.

TJ will receive his first Sacrament of Reconciliation this Saturday, March 15. His God-chosen godfather will be there to support him (a beautiful thing!). His First Holy Communion will take place on Sunday, March 30.

Fr. Peter, we thank you! The seed has been planted. It is a day we will not forget.

I was encouraged by Fr. Peter to continue nurturing the call. The priesthood may very well be TJ's vocation, but being his mother, I won't overly give it meaning. I will just have to occasionally talk about this joyful interview with friends and family. That's all. :-)
As for the nurturing part, I will continue to take him to daily Mass with his siblings, teach him the richness of our faith as best I can, give him lots of hugs and kisses and affirmation, and the rest is God's.


Esther said...

Easter, what a wonderful story you shared! Fr. Peter truly was God chosen for this particular ministry. He is such a joyous priest!
We will be there tomorrow. I am happy to know it is a special day for TJ.
We will be praying for him.
Our boys are in my daily prayers for a call to the priesthood. I have also consecrated Joey to our Blessed Mother and every chance I get, I remind her that she needs to work on the call to the priesthood. Joey always asks me what I am doing when I take his arm and then look towards a statue of our Blessed Mother. He knows what I am up too :-)
Anyway, I had more to share but it slipped my mind...Oh yeah! I always ask priests to pray for my son's vocation.

ukok said...

This is so beautiful...I hope your beloved son always has that awe asnd wonder in the Lord!

TJ will receive his first Sacrament of Reconciliation this Saturday, March 15.

Thanks be to God! What a wonderful time this is for TJ. He will be in my prayers!

Fr John Speekman said...

Easter, I did offer that Mass and read your blog article to the 15 or so people there. The noticeable thing, the beautiful thing was their genuine smiles. They really loved the innocence and simplicity. I think TJ will have to come to Australia and check us out here to make sure God is not calling him to serve souls 'Down Under' .. What about it, TJ?