Friday, January 11, 2008

Seven Reasons to be a Priest

St. Jose Maria Escriva

Seven Reasons to be a Priest

First: The World Needs Heroes

Second: To Make Christ Present to More People.

Third: To Forgive Sins.

Fourth: To Be a Living Icon of Christ.

Fifth: To Be Like Mary.

Sixth: To Preach and Teach.

Seventh: To Expand Your Family.

Read more about this at National Catholic Register.

Though Esther had already posted this on her blog, I am posting this on mine to raise greater awareness in all of us of the need to be more passionate about supporting our Catholic Church in its efforts to produce more priests. I, for one, need to be constantly reminded of this noble endeavor. It is my prayer that we also remember with love and compassion, our seminarians who have given their life to Christ in the hope that one day, they will join the family of priests whom God loves so dearly.

Esther and I are thankful for all your prayers and support for our priests and seminarians!

God bless you all abundantly!


Anonymous said...

Certainly i will pray..

Easter A. said...

Hi Jackie,
I know that you are. I see that on your posts! I thank you much, dear lady!

Marilena said...

another reason to be a priest, the Latin Mass is swelling, and it is the Mass of Ages, we need more priests for the TLM!

Easter A. said...

Yes to that! Our bishop and his Vicar General are learning Latin so they can say Mass in Latin. I think that is cool! He has also given permission to our priests to say Mass in Latin.

Thank you for your visit, Marilena!