Saturday, January 26, 2008

More on Hawaii's Bishop

Governor Linda Lingle and Bishop Larry Silva
Picture from
Hawaii Catholic Herald

So here is our bishop again.
This was taken right after Red Mass at the cathedral
and unexpectedly said Mass there again on Sunday
to encourage everyone to attend the March for Life
and Ecumenical Evening Prayer.

Here is a picture taken during the Ecumenical Evening Prayer held on Thursday, Januuary 24, in observance of Christian Unity.

This important event put together by one of our local priests, Fr. William Kunisch, was attended by some local priests, bishops and priests from denominational churches. The main speaker of the event was Bishop Murray Finck, of the Pacifica Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

The cathedral choir led by our Choir Director, Calvin Keoni Liu,
sang that evening. Cantor was Alika Cullen.

Fellowship followed the prayer at the new building of the cathedral. It was a joyful time to get to know some people and reconnect with active parishioners who give so much of their time to serving Christ in the diocese or their own respective parishes.

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