Monday, January 28, 2008

Local seminarian list growing!

Here's the list of Hawaii's diocesan seminarians:
1. Anthony Rapozo
2. Jason Nunez
3. David Soares
4. Jon Cabico
5. EJ Resinto
6. Andrew Northrop
7. Brother Marvin Bearis

Glory and parise be to our Most Higt Priest, Jesus Christ! And how we thank Mary, Blesseds Damien and Marianne for their intercession. Their prayers are bearing fruits! So are the prayers of the laity! Our list is growing!

Many of our churches are praying the Diocesan Vocations Prayer after each Mass on Saturdays and Sundays. St. Elizabeth's Church has started doing this recently. What a wonderful way to pray for vocations! Praying this prayer as One Body in Christ strenghtens all the more the already growing need for more young people to join the religious life.

God be praised! We continue to pray for our seminarians and priests...

Hawaii Diocesan Prayer for Vocations (found on CT's sidebar)

Heavenly Father,
Your divine Son taught us to pray
to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers
into His vineyard.
We earnestly beg you to bless our Diocese
and our world with many priests and religious
who will love you fervently and
gladly and courageously spend their lives
in service to your Son's Church,
especially the poor and the needy.
Bless our families and our children,
and choose from our homes those whom
you desire for this holy work.
Teach them to respond generously
and keep them ever faithful
in following your Son Jesus Christ,
that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
and with the inspiration ofBlessed Damien
and Blessed Marianne,
the Good News of redemption may be
brought to all.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


Anonymous said...

i will pray for them too...

Esther said...

Easter, I've added this list to the list I have compiled. Mahalo for making my work easier :-)
God bless,

Easter A. said...

Thanks Jackie! They sure need prayers. We lack priests in our diocese. Though we have more priests than before, we still have clustering parishes under the administration of one parish priest.

God bless you abundantly!

Easter A. said...

Thanks Esther! We should be on a roll very soon... I was gone the pretty much the whole day and now tackling the part I need to do for you know what! :-)
God be praised!