Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bishop of the Diocese of Honolulu

Bishop Larry Silva

For many months we clamored for Vatican
to give us a bishop. The day the word got out
that we were getting one was a day of rejoicing
for the people of Hawaii. The time of waiting
was worth it. That was more than 3 years ago now.

Right here is our bishop who loves God above all,
his church and his people.

I just heard today from a friend that
at 5 am in the morning, he suddenly appeared
at a gathering of people getting ready for Mass.
At the cathedral, every chance he gets,
he comes unannounced to say Mass.

He travels quite often to the other islands,
tirelessly doing the best he can to support
the 65 parishes delegated to his care.

Please say a prayer for him
and for your bishop, too!


Esther said...

Wonderful post Easter! Bishop Silva is also a very humble servant of God. I understand he specifically asks the priests not to announce that he will be celebrating Mass on any given day.

God bless,

Easter A. said...

Thank you! Oh my friend, my very resourceful friend, so that is why! :-)

You are simply wonderful!

Esther said...

Easter, I think it's because he doesn't want to celebrate daily Mass for people who are attending because he is the celebrant. He wants to celebrate the Mass with the "regulars" so to speak...people like your family ;-)
Love ya!

Easter A. said...


Love you too!