Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why do People Faint in Church?

Msgr. Charles Pope, 2008

(a picture of him that I can relate to)

Msgr. Charles Pope summarizes for us reasons why people faint in church. I love how he put this article together! Find out why he wrote this article and read all the way to the bottom to embrace the goodness of God in this type of situation.

I recall as a child fainting in church -- a number of times. Quite embarassing! But maybe, if I had read a similar article back then, I'd have an entirely different feeling and approach to fainting. I also thought that this article was timely because I did a post yesterday about one of our priests, Fr. Dennis Koshko, at the Diocese of Honolulu Spiritual Mothers Apostolate blog; he almost collapsed while saying Mass. I do have a better understanding of what happened to him.

Msgr. Pope leaves us in his article a funny video to watch. Don't miss it!

Mahalo, Msgr. Charles Pope!


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