Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Local: Fr. Marvin at the Convention

In case you're wondering how Fr. Marvin Bearis' talk went, I heard it was good! My oldest daughter, Cyrene, was with Sr. Laura Brown, fsp, at the Annual Charismatic Convention to help with book sales.

What my daughter remembers most is that Fr. Marvin encouraged everyone to make an effort to spend some time with our youth. This is a message so important, especially these days; not only because they are the future of our country, and our Church, but because it is so needed in the present times. With the rapid growth of technology, our youth can get lost in the many forms it comes with. Technogy is wonderful, but without guidance, our youth can become immersed in the misleading areas it offers them. What might some of those be? To name a few: consumerism, pornography, meeting the wrong kind of people, and forming of bad habits.

A smile, pat it the back, word of encouragement, hug, or a short time to chat with our youth, laugh with them, being a mentor, are all of many ways of encouraging them to continue their own walk of faith. Most importantly, these are ways of planting vocations to our Church.

Mahalo, Fr. Marvin Bearis, for all you do for our youth!

My thanks to Dann Ebina and Cyrene Almuena for sharing your pictures with us!

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