Thursday, July 15, 2010

Priest Heroes Who Finished the Race

Who are the true priest heroes of the Catholic Church?

It's not a question of faith, but one that requires "seeing through the heart." Pondering with the heart requires prayer and the exercise of wisdom, not that faith doesn't seek out of any of these. The heart sees differently and approaches things differently. While faith manifests itself through its bold demeanor, pondering through the heart appears to be clothed with a sense of beauty and mysticism. To be able to see, for instance, grace that is found in a soul, one has to know how and be able to discern and "see" grace, not with the mind but with the heart.

So who are the true priest heroes of the Catholic Church? This video shows the many names who finished the race, but in our own church, in our own parishes or dioceses, they are there too. They toil, and they never stop being the representatives of Christ here on earth. The truth is, they need us; they need us to get to the finish line. So let's truly see them, recognize them, these priests of good heart and soul. They will be the better priests of today and tomorrow, if we journey alongside them as they strive to be obedient to God and the magisterium.

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