Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fr. Larry Richards' New Book!

Fr. Larry Richards

Congratulations, Fr. Larry Richards! His book "Be a Man!" challenges all men to rise to be who God has ordained them to be: fully alive called to a higher cause.

Here are excerpts from Catholic Online:

His new book "Be a Man!" goes into great detail on what that means as a challenge to men who live in a culture that is working hard to remove their masculinity.

"Men are created to be protectors, supporters and providers," Fr. Richards remarked. "We are, by definition, givers. So, the way men relate to God, then, is different from a woman, they are action oriented. I challenge men to give themselves to a higher cause."

Whether speaking to a men's conference or in parishes, Fr. Richards' call to men involves living a life of sacrifice, being willing to do God's will not their own. He warns them that it's not easy, it's going to cost them something and it's going to hurt; but it's for a higher purpose.

"When I work with boys I always ask them, 'Are you man enough to be a priest? Are you willing. when others tell you to do what you want, are you willing to die to yourself and give yourself to a higher cause?

Thanks to my good friend, Melissa C., for this info.

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GrandmaK said...

Sounds like a great book to give as a Christmas gift. Think I will have to investigate this! Thank you! Wishing you well! CAthy