Saturday, February 9, 2008

What Went Right by Michael F. Flach

Thank you, Micki!

Kathy Ricacar sent me this wonderful article What Went Right by Michael F. Flach. It talks about why the Diocese of Arlington has been successful in gaining priests for Christ's beloved church.

"Arlington Bishop John R. Keating will ordain 10 men to the priesthood on May 20, a record number for the 20 year-old diocese, and an unusually high number for a diocese with only 275,000 total Catholics. The diocese currently has 42 seminarians in formation. Following the May ordination, nearly 60 percent of the 126 active diocesan clergy will have been ordained by Bishop Keating since he was installed as Arlington's second bishop in August 1983. 'You get a chance to see the future,' he said. 'These guys who are getting ordained in 1995 will retire in 2045. When they retire, they will be the examples for the priests of the 22nd century.' "

More on the article here
L'Oeuvre des Vocations.

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