Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Offertory of the Holy Mass

Once a month we have a "Teaching Mass", where the children from Religious Education participate and some part of the Mass is explained. Here is a clip of me explaining the Offertory (it's not really a homily, but a reflection). The Offertory is meant as a moment to offer our lives and our hearts to God on the altar.
- Fr. Joel from
Holy Priesthood.

What a way to get ready for Lent! I encourage you to listen to the recording on offertory by Fr. Joel himself. It is so uplifting and it brings us to greater understanding of what offertory is all about. You might be surprised to know that there is so much more to us being offered to the Father through Jesus and with Jesus during consecration. It starts with Offertory.


Esther said...

Thank you Easter!

Easter A. said...

HI Esther,
You are welcome!
Love you too! :-)