Monday, August 17, 2009

In Adoration

Red roses on the front left situated beside the altar
where the Monstrance sits was my inpiration

Adoration is a great way of praying for our priests. Any type of prayer will do, even a poem such as this...

In Adoration
By Easter A.

Wine-colored contours
In graceful stand
Elegant and poised
Yet soft and dainty

Bordered by flowerets
Looking like angels
Lime blades akin to guards
Held by vintage vase

All in pursuit
Of the Beloved’s gaze
In the quiet of a corner
While adoring

I sit in the same nook
To get a glimpse
Of the peaceful Bread
With its life beating in me

Red roses with entourage
Their beauty their prayer
And mine this poem
For Jesus in adoration
All rights reserved.

This poem is also found at Diocese of Honolulu, Spiritual Moms Apostolate.

Easter Almuena and Esther Gefroh formed the Spiritual Mothers Apostolate in our diocese in Febraury 2008. Approved by Bishop Larry Silva, we are a group of women devoted to praying for the priests and seminarians of our diocese.

For Catholic women belonging to our diocese and desiring to spiritually adopt a priest or seminarian, please contact Esther Gefroh at


Anne said...

Beautiful poem Easter! Even more beautiful picture! Can't wait until Wed. when I will spend some time in Adoration!

Easter A. said...

Yes, the monstrance is perfectly beautiful! Its beauty permeates the entire place enabling us to worship with His own beauty.

Thanks, Anne!