Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dedicated to our Priests

Ave Maria comes in many versions, my most favorite being the one composed by Schubert, which we sing in our choir. I love music, maybe not as passionately as I would have liked to, but I love it anyway. I love it for the reason that it brings me to a oneness with God. It also soothes my soul and gives me the fuel I need that I may move forward in all my journeys in a more joyful fashion.

This one brought tears to my eyes. I am not familiar with this version as it is entirely new to me. But just the same, I think it is beautiful. And I dedicate it to all our priests.

We pray to Mary to embrace our priests as they perform their ministerial functions.

Mary, how we praise God for you! How we thank God for you! Thank you for being the mother of all priests.


Anne said...

I have never heard this version before, but it is so beautiful!

Easter A. said...

Thanks, Anne! I thought so, too!

John said...

This was so beautiful! Thank you for posting this! It truly made my day!:)

God Bless!

Easter A. said...

Thanks for stopping by, John. Your messages encourage me to keep blogging.

God bless you!