Monday, June 29, 2009

Ordination of Jon Cabico

It has been a joyful experience for me to take an active part in the preparation of Jon Cabico's ordination which will be held today. There will be about 50 priests coming. I love it when I see our priests gather and process at special Masses here at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace. Most beautiful to behold is when they all pray as one during consecration. The Body and Blood of Christ! What an honor this must be for our Father in heaven!

Our choir met for practice a few times to rehearse the songs to be sung. One of those songs is
Ave Maria by Shubert, my favorite song in honor of Mary our Mother.

My husband and I and our children will sing at the ordination Mass.

Afterwards, we will gather with John Cabico, Bishop Larry Silva, the priests and the rest of the congregation just outside of the church for some refreshments and entertainment, a typical ohana (family) tradition. Part of the entertainment will be a song to be presented by my children and a friend and altar server. Cy and Joseph will sing; Charity Therese will play the violin; Faithy will play the recorder.

Well, meet John Cabico, the once-seminarian and deacon of the Diocese of Honolulu. Pray for him.

Rejoice with us.

Jon Cabico
Hawaii Catholic Herald
Photo by Anna Weaver


Fr. Daren J. Zehnle said...

If you get a chance, please give Bishop Silva my greetings :)

Easter A. said...

Won't forget that for sure! Just saw him on Saturday at the noon Mass.

Greetings to you, Fr. Daren!

Aussie Therese said...

Many prayers Easter.

It is wonderful to hear about someone responding to Gods call on their life.

Easter A. said...

Thanks, Therese.

It is always wonderful to hear from you. Many blessings...

Mr. Jack said...

Schubert's "Ave Maria" is my Mom's favorite song. Whenever it's playing, we have to stop and be silent, so she, and we, can listen to its beautiful words and melody!

I was able to watch Fr. Jon's ordination via the Diocesan webcast. The songs sung by the choir were great! (But I got homesick hearing the music and seeing the cathedral again. I wish I could return from my exile here on the mainland!)

The reception after the Mass must have been fun. I'm sure the song performed for Fr. Jon at the reception was great. (The preview I got via my cell phone earlier in the day was absolutely fantastic. Thanks!)

Easter A. said...

Hey you, Mr. Jack! Our favorite Mr. Jack!

So glad to hear from you! It was a joyous occasion. I had so much energy in me to sing, and loved it all completely. Though the church was not completely full, we had the presense of people who are active in the service to the church. It is always wonderful to see the same faces...yes, hope, yours will be one of those.

Blessings always... BTW we will most likely purchase a dvd of the occasion so we could hear our voices when we are feeling nostalgic. Well, just one of the minor reasons :-).

p.s. Paula sang the solo of the Ave Maria beautifully. Hope you heard her part.

Thanks, Jack!

Glenn said...

Hey jon Congrats. Are you same guy I went to grade school with? St Theresa's school? If so great! If not good fortune and may God be with you.


Peggy Cruse said...

Hi Jon,
Congratulations! You are a wonderful person for this role of showing care and compassion to those less fortunate. Glad to see you in ministry work. God Bless!