Friday, June 26, 2009

Litany for Priests

Cross found at Our Lady of Good Counsel

Litany for Priests

Jesus, you emptied yourself for our sake
fill our priests with your spirit of selfless love.
Jesus, you became poor for our sake,
enrich our priests with your spirit of generosity.
Jesus, you are the Word made flesh,
give our priests strength and energy to preach your Good news.
Jesus, you sought out the sick and rejected,
touch our priests with your healing power.
Jesus, you always trusted in the Father,
help our priests to trust in your promises.
Jesus, you were strong in the face of temptation and dejection,
support our priests in times of trial.
Jesus, you became the servant of all,
strengthen our priests for your service.
Jesus, you feed us with your body and blood,
nourish our priests with your compassionate concern for all.
Jesus, you died for us so that we may be free,
grant our priests the ability to bring that freedom to all people.
Jesus, you rose to glory and conquered death,
enliven our priests as messengers of hope to all.
Jesus, you are the image of the unseen God,
show your face to our priests.
Bless and care for our priests,
give them joy and peace in their service,
love for you and all your people,
confidence in your loving kindness, and
an ability to recover from their mistakes.
May the Holy Spirit give them renewed energy and
a creative impulse to proclaim the Good News to the
ends of the earth. Amen.
Mary, mother of us all, watch over all your children
especially our priests.
St. John Marie Vianney, patron of priests,
protect our priests with your constant intercession.

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