Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Prayer for Priests

A prayer for priests...
source CNA.

Prayer to implore the grace to safeguard chastity

Lord Jesus Christ, spouse of my soul, delight of my heart and my soul, I fall on my knees before you, praying and fervently beseeching you to allow me to persevere and grow in the true faith each day. O sweet Jesus, grant that I may reject all impiety and that I may be a stranger to the carnal desires and earthly concupiscence which fight against my soul. Through your help, may I preserve my chastity unstained.

O most holy and immaculate Virgin Mary, Virgin of virgins and most beloved Mother, purify my heart and soul each day, and obtain for me a holy fear of the Lord and a particular distrust of my own strength.

St. Joseph, guardian of the virginity of Mary, keep my soul from all sin.

All of you holy Virgins who unceasingly follow the divine Lamb, be solicitous to me a sinner, that I may avoid sin in thoughts, words, actions or omissions, and that I may never be far from the most chaste heart of Jesus. Amen.


Mary B said...

I never had the chance to say Thank you Easter for this site. When my brother was in seminary we often turne to the Cure d' Ars for him as the studies were quite hard. He is now in his seventh year in the Council of St Basil, getting his teaching certification in Canada updated while acting as a chaplain at U of Toronto.
My kids call him Father Uncle Jimmy and he needs our prayers this year.

Easter A. said...

Hi Mary,

I will definitely have special prayers for him. I will include this intention in my novena page. Do update us... again, thanks.

God bless for all you do,