Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One of the Fruits of our Labor

Dear friends,

I am praising God! The Spiritual Mother's Apostolate here in the Diocese of Hawai'i is in full swing. Each priest and each seminarian in our diocese has a Spritual Mother. It is such a delight to work with Esther! Her love for God and our dear Mother and her passion to support our clergy are an inspiration.

I am delighted to let you know that Esther of A Catholic Mom in Hawaii and I both received some wonderful messages from our priests here in our diocese. I found out from
Fr. Peter Miti at the Divine Mercy Conference that it was our own bishop, Bishop Larry Silva, who asked the priests to send us both thank you notes and greetings. Here is one from Fr. Russell. Please include him in your prayers. Thank you, dear friends!

Dear Easter and Esther,

Thanks so much for your kind prayers for the priests who work in the diocese and the seminarians. You are a blessing to us. I am recovering from eye surgery and need a few extra prayers for a few weeks while it heals. When was pastor at St. Agnes in SF, a man on drugs hit me on the left eye while I was on the church steps. So, it has taken about 10 years to be ready for this surgery. It is healing slowly but well!

If you ever need a speaker for your organization, please count on me. I would be available after November 1 giving time for my eye to heal properly and well.

Again, thank you, and blessings.

Fr. Russell J. Roide, S.J.


Evann said...

Congratulations, Easter! You and Esther are doing such wonderful things. This is an amazing apostolate and many good priests will come from it.

Esther said...

Easter, wow, I am really touched that Bishop Silva did that. Thank you for sharing.

It's been wonderful working with you too.

Easter A. said...

Thank you so much! Esther and I area blessed to have you, a dear friend, here in cyberspace. Thank you for your words of encouragement; they are very uplifting!
Love to you!

Easter A. said...

Our bishop is something else. He said Mass at Cathedral twice last Sunday and told me, "Easter, thanks for everything you do." (That was after I held his hand and gave him a kiss and after I said 'We love you, Bishop' :-) ). That goes for you, too, dear Esther. He appreciates you just as much!!!

I am the one honored, really, dear Esther!

Anonymous said...

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