Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's on Micki's Computer Desk?

A picture of Fr. Sousa stands on Micki's computer desk and if you look closely, you will find that his picture has the crucifix on one side and Mary on the other side. Micki sees that picture everyday, so it reminds her to pray for Fr. Sousa daily. What a great idea!

And you know what else? Micki has this special way of hugging our priests. She sends her angel to give priests a hug. What an extraordinary woman she is! I think I might just do this myself, especially when I notice that a priest appears to be tired, sad and preoccupied.


Esther said...

What a wonderful idea! I also like that one SM who cut out the article on her spiritual son and placed in her prayer book. I should have done that too.

Easter A. said...

Yes! I have learned so much from Micki. I'm talking to my angel a lot more now and sending her to people who need help or a hug. Thanks to her! :-)