Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catholic laity responsibilities

Catholic laity responsibilities:

"The Second Vatican Council Fathers, re-echoing the call of Christ, have summoned all lay faithful to labor in the vineyard."

"The world of massmedia represents a new frontier for the mission of the Church."
John Paul II, Vocation of the Laity

North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation (NACEPF)

NACEPF provides tuition free educational programming to all schools, public and private, on its College and School Network


Esther said...

Easter, I received an email giving me the link to this beautiful website.
I am letting them know about your blog. Maybe, you'd like to link to them also.
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Easter A. said...

OH Esther,
You are too quick! he he he... It's on my sidebar now. So many thanks! :-)