Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI: Responsibility and Sin

Studies in Theology have been back, so my posts have become limited once again. I thank you for your patience. I have also been busy taking some of our priests around, who are on the island of Oahu for the Divine Mercy Conference. It's been a great pleasure experiencing agape with them at different levels of communication, including an exchange of jokes and interesting thought provoking punches. I feel so blessed to have been given the grace -- as Fr. Mark Wheelan, SOLT, calls it -- to show them God's wonderful creations on the Island and to let them experience aloha.

Divine Mercy in Hawai'i is scheduled on October 7-10. Here's info.

For the meantime, here's something to share with all of you:

vatican September 25, 2010
The salvation brought by Jesus is obtained through the assumption of responsibility, the recognition of sin, the will to become new men. The Pope reiterated this in a speech to a group of bishops from Eastern Brazil at the end of their ad limina visits. The Pope noted that forgiveness and reconciliation are two concepts that today are overshadowed by a misinterpretation of freedom, though they are fundamental aspects for a proper Christian life and the salvation brought by Christ. In his speech, Pope Benedict also asked the bishops to pay closer attention towards a renewed youth ministry.

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